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Experience You Can Trust

Providing commercial exhaust services to the Greater Los Angeles and Coachella Valley area for over 35 years.

Client Experience

With a wide range of clients from casinos, hotels, universities, and golf resorts, Tower America Exhaust Services has been able to grow its legacy of experience of over 35 years on word of mouth alone. Trust us to fully maintain your kitchen exhaust equipment while ensuring professional and sustainable practices, so that your commercial kitchen can continue to function with the environment in mind.

What We Do

You often don’t associate the environment or fire safety with commercial exhausts, but the truth is that maintaining your exhaust systems is essential to the health of your kitchen and the health of the planet. Our services ensure that your kitchen exhaust and grease systems are safe and free of debris that can cause fire hazards and pollution.

What to Expect

To guarantee efficiency we provide 24-hour services 5 days a week with emergency services on the weekends. We continue to expand across parts of the Southwestern United States, so make sure to call and inquire about your area today.


Email: randolbk@gmail.com

Phone: (213) 358-5730

Location: Western U.S/Remote

Hours of Operations: 24/5 with Emergency Services on the Weekends

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